Adaptive Recreational Riding is taught in group lessons. Each class of two to four riders is led by instructors certified by PATH, Intl. Each rider is paired up with a volunteer horse leader and up to two volunteer side walkers. Riders with varying types and degrees of disabilities can be as young as five years old and continue through adulthood. The weight limit for riders in Recreational Riding is 175 lbs. for a balanced rider, 150 lbs. for an unbalanced rider.  A Recreational Riding balanced rider shows flexibility, strength, posture and the ability to change their weight distribution on the horse as needed.  This is subject to the therapist/instructor’s discretion.

* This program is an 8 week commitment.  We do not offer single ride experiences.

Our adaptive recreational riding classes are an hour in length. In that time period, the rider participates in grooming the horse, tacking the horse, mounting, exercises on horseback, an activity related to a skill which is used in a game on horseback, dismounting, untacking, cleaning, and putting the saddle and bridle away. We take full advantage of the work around the horse as a multi-sensory experience. You should expect the mounted riding time to be 30–40 minutes.


Before participating, all riders need to consult with their physician. PATH Intl. riding centers require each prospective rider to present a complete medical history and signed physician’s statement prior to a therapeutic riding session (see Medical Form below). If you have any questions, please let us know.

New riders should first complete a Rider Information & Consent Form and a Medical Form and return via Secure Fax (number located on each form) or email to  We will call you to schedule a pre-enrollment visit once the forms are received.  Acceptance in every program is based upon the visit, when it is determined which (if any) CTRH program is appropriate based on PATH, Intl. standards. If you have any questions, please call.

Each subsequent calendar year in which you participate, a Rider Information & Consent Form and a new Medical Form must be submitted prior to riding that year.

Please be advised that our classes are filled on a first come, first served basis each session.