Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization. We could not provide the services that we do, week after week, without their commitment and passion for our mission. Consider joining us and becoming a volunteer today!

We have regular weekly volunteer opportunities that offer different experiences.

Individual Volunteer Opportunities


– This position is physically demanding and requires the ability to walk 45+ minutes in a sand arena and jog for short distances. may be asked to assist riders weighing up to 175 lbs.
– Willingness to be outdoors in many weather extremes.
– Ability to follow direction from a direct supervisor / class instructor in a fast-paced environment.
– Ability to commit to a full riding Session or make timely notifications otherwise.
– Attend volunteer training and read volunteer handbook.
– 14 years of age or older (parent/guardian consent required if under the age of 18).
– Fully complete application with all required information and references.

– Working under the direct oversight of an Instructor, follow direction of assigned Instructor before, during, and immediately after class.
– Arriving 15 minutes prior to class start time.
– Dressing safely and appropriately.
– Informing Volunteer Coordinator in a timely fashion of absences.
– Following all CTRH policies and procedures.
– Following safety rules and regulations.
– Communicating questions, grievances, feedback or concerns to Instructor or Volunteer Coordinator.


Side Walker:
Side Walkers provide emotional, educational, and physical support for riders in our hippotherapy and adaptive recreational riding programs.

Primary Responsibility is the RIDER.

Upon Instructor Direction:
– Greet your rider and assist rider with helmet and other equipment as listed. Side-Walkers should ask the instructor if they are concerned with any fit of equipment.
– Wait until the Instructor gives approval to enter the barn area.
– Proceed with riders to their horse and assist with grooming and tacking.
– Accompany your rider into the indoor/outdoor arena.
– Proceed with rider up the mounting ramp to the instructor.
– During class, listen to the Instructor.
– Communicate with rider when appropriate, including verbal and non-verbal prompts.
– Provide physical assistance and stabilization to the rider when directed or necessary.
– Remain focused on assisting the rider.

Horse Leader:
Prior to volunteering as a Horse Leader, one must first serve as a Side Walker.  Horse leaders are responsible for preparing horses for class, which includes grooming and tacking. During class, leaders are charged with the safe leading of therapy horses.

Primary Responsibility is the HORSE.

For Adaptive Recreational Riding classes:
– Bring horse to grooming area with bridle and halter. Secure horse. Clean hooves and groom.
– Complete tacking (girth) after rider leaves barn area.
– During class, lead horse, walking alongside horse without a lead, or may be stationed in the arena for spotting.
– Communicate with Instructor regarding any horse related questions or concerns.
– Remain focused on working with the horse.

For Hippotherapy:
– Bring in horse from field when needed for lesson.
– Obtains appropriate tack from tack room.
– Cleans horse and picks hooves in preparation for class.
– Tacks with appropriate tack (i.e. saddle, bridle, bareback pad, surcingle)
– Returns horse to stall or field and cleans cross tie area.

Steps to take to become a New Volunteer

1. Complete New Volunteer Application.

2. Attend New Volunteer Training, invitation will be sent for upcoming date(s). Please get your applications in!

3. Complete background check, as described in the training class.


Forms for Current Volunteers

Volunteers must complete the Volunteer Renewal Application. if they volunteered in 2023 and wish to volunteer in 2024. Volunteers who did not volunteer in 2023 need to complete a New Volunteer Application.

To select the day(s) and times(s) you want to volunteer, complete the current Volunteer Class Registration Form.